Frequently asked questions

What is Sx Live?

Sx Live is a bot for Discord designed for Kick, Twitch, and YouTube streamers and their communities.

What does Sx Live do?

Sx Live bot provides automatic notification messages in your Discord server, automatically adds and removes a special live role for streamers, and provides information about Kick & Twitch streamers. You can find more on our documentation site.

How do I get a Kick Bot for Discord?

You can invite Sx Live to your server using this invite link.

How do I automatically let people in Discord know when I go live on Kick?

You can set up a stream notification with Sx Live bot to let everyone in your server know when you go live.

How can I get notifications from Kick on Discord?

Sx Live bot can automate your announcements by automatically posting announcements in your Discord server whenever you go live on Kick. Follow the article on how to setup a kick notification.

What are the best bots for Kick Streaming?

Sx Live is a top rated by Discord bot for Kick streaming alerts. You can add the bot to your Discord by using this invite link.

How do I setup Kick Alerts on Discord?

You can setup Sx Live bot to automatically send notifications and ping your Discord community when you go live on Kick by following the kick alerts guide.

How do I use Sx Live?

Sx Live is easy to setup and only requires a few commands. You can follow our getting started page.

What do I do after I add Sx Live?

You can view our welcome page which will give you helpful resources to get started.