Sx Live

Sx Live is a live stream announcing bot that automatically sends alerts to your Discord server when you or your favorite streamers go live on Kick, Twitch, or YouTube.

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Kick alert

kick notification iconDiscord Kick Alerts

  • Receive fast and customizable kick stream alerts in your Discord server
  • Sx Live bot will automatically post announcements when you go live on Kick
  • You can also send notifications for any of your favorite Kick streamers
  • Supports cooldowns, embeds, filters, pings, and variables!
  • View kick alerts setup guide
Twitch notification

twitch notification iconTwitch Notifications

  • Notify your community whenever you go live on Twitch or YouTube
  • You can also subscribe to any other content creator of your choice
  • Keep track of stats including total stream time
  • Customizable messages with variables, filters, embeds, pings, and more!
  • View notifications setup guide
Discord streamer Live Role

🔴 Automated Live Role

  • Easily know when members in your server go live
  • Promote streamers with an automated live role
  • Sx Live bot can automatically assign a special role to people when they start streaming, and take it away when they stop
  • View Live Role setup guide
Kick Gift Leaderboard

🛠️ Stream Utilities

  • A variety of streaming tools for your Discord server
  • Get top gifters for a given Kick streamer
  • Show the followage of a given user from a given Kick or channel
  • Receive information on a Kick or Account
Discord voice stream notifications

Discord Voice Streaming

  • Receive notifications in your Discord server whenever someone goes live in a voice channel
  • Sx Livebot can give a special role to people when they start streaming in a voice channel, and take it away when they stop
  • View Discord voice notifications setup guide
Discord Spotify role

Spotify Roles

The Best Discord bot for Kick

Add Sx Live to your Discord server and engage your community through stream notifications and automated Live Role.

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